The edge of field reporting

September 22, 2015
In the workplace today, productivity and performance improvement have become a common discourse within the broader field of performance management. With increasingly dynamic business competition, companies are expected to do more with less, execute better strategies, and elevate their efficiency in order to maintain relevance. Reporting in the field offers a unique set of feedback that allows managers to respond to changing needs and contexts. Technological globalization has opened up borders for companies and made clients aware of what they should expect from services. Reporting in the field gives an organization resources needed for it to be adaptable and responsive to changing needs and knowledge.

iPad-berichtEven the most well thought out strategies need modification with the availability of new information. This information not only needs to be accurate, but also timely if subsequent modifications are to be effective. The form of reporting also helps in controlling organizational operations, including contractor and subcontractor performance. Field reporting is a vital tool in ensuring that organizational objectives are met. It helps identify over or under achievement through determining causes of the said anomaly. The organization can then take subsequent action to correct the situation or implement a different strategy in case the situation is incorrigible.

As mentioned above, timeliness is a function of field reporting. Most times, timeliness can mean the difference between a successful project and an unsuccessful one. Reporting in the field certifies that an organization will get information on what ails their performance in time to take curative measures. Reporting allows the organization to detect fraud, inefficiency, and gives the company data on areas that may warrant future revision when implementing similar plans.

Reporting in the field is a key constituent of continuous monitoring. This provides the manager with a means to apply closer control over operations through enabling frequent comparisons between program plans and resource input in the actual execution. This function is increasingly important in enterprises where budget constraints require tighter controls on expenditure. Once an organization becomes proficient at producing field reports and interpreting the data, both the financial and performance scorecard will become more attractiv

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