Excel integration

April 13, 2014

I am very excited to announce that Mobile Field Report now supports integration with Microsoft Excel. We are very well aware that Microsoft Excel is widely used by our customers therefore integration with Mobile Field Report has always for us very high priority.
We have chosen and implemented very modern way how to synchronize your data with Microsoft Excel 2013. You can start right away creating charts or jobs statistics without any limits.
In the following tutorial I will show you how quickly our customers can import all contacts from Mobile Field Report into Microsoft Excel.

    1. Open Microsoft Excel 2013 and create a new workbook. Than select the DATA tab in the ribbon and choose option From Other Sources. Than find and select From OData Data Feed option in the list.
    2. The configuration form should than pop up. Fill out the form with Mobile Field Report odata url (https://portal.mobilefieldreport.com/odata) and credentials to your account. Than go to the next step of the wizard.
    3. Next step specifies what kind of data you want to connect to excel. We will select Contacts for this example and click finish.
    4. A new table should popup after few seconds with all contacts from your account.  Now you can use wide scope of Excel features to filter, group or sort contacts and fulfil your needs.

Importing data from Mobile Field Report into Microsoft Excel is very straight forward task that anyone can do in literally matter of seconds. You are not limited only to plain tables, you can also use new Microsoft 2013 Power Pivot feature and create amazing interactive charts and statistics.

Keep watching our blog, twitter or Facebook to be informed about new features that will be coming in the next weeks.

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