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April 24, 2014

In the following we show you how Daiking Germany is using Mobile Field Report to save time in writing extensive service reports. Daikin Germany is a branch of the Japanese HVAC manufacturer with six locations in Germany. 20 technicians are doing installations and maintenance of their HVAC devices across whole Germany. Daikin is a company that guarantees their customers high service quality. This includes writing meaningful reports about their work on site.

Before Daikin was using Mobile Field Report they had structured their reports in form of checklists that had to be filled out via a web form by the technician. Out of this web form they generated all information into a Microsoft Word document. Pictures had to be added manually. Archiving, time tracking and material management were organized separately with a different tool. The scheduling was done via Excel.

Most companies use Excel at an early stage of their working processes. It is easy to use and can be applied to many fields. This gives them time to adjust their working processes piece by piece until it is stable. With the years of using Excel the file grows until the company is forced to look out for a professional solution. Moreover copying the pictures by hand, adding comments in the afterwards is error prone. Therefore Daikin was looking for alternative solutions that helped to overcome these shortcomings in their existing process.

Daikin Germany has searched the marked for many Field Service Management Software solutions, but none of them was addressing their business processes yet. Their requirements are scheduling technicians across germany, operating on checklists and having a tool that operates offline while being at customer site. The tool needed to be at the same time a ticketing management system and a mobile time tracking system while being able to organizing many technicians.

The migration of their existing processes to Mobile Field Report was done within a month. One technician moved all existing checklists to Mobile Field Report, without any help of the MFR Team. The checklist contains 80 steps that are organized into multiple groups in a tree. Once the work process has been defined they appended the checklist to a new job and assigned the job to a technician in the scheduler. At this time the technician is notified and receives the checklist along with all the information necessary for the completion of the job on the iPad. After finishing all tasks the technician closes the job and the planner is informed.

The work planner monitors the work and checks if all the steps have been completed. Once he is satisfied with the work, he closes the job and sends the generated service report to the customer.

Through the use of Mobile Field Report at Daikin Germany technicians have saved up to 4 hours working time during a working week. Writing detailed reports belongs to the past because all tasks can be checked and commented on the iPad. Pictures, comments and values are entered on site. Service reports are archived and stored for the future for follow up. In addition, Daikin Germany has got a tool for time recording their work and can add materials used at customer side to the current job.

Daikin Deutschland is German branch of the Japanese air conditioning and heating manufacturer Daikin Industries, which also includes the task of installation and regular maintenance of their devices. The company has six locations spread through Germany. For installation and maintenance they employ 20 service technicians.

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