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Field Service Management for energy provider and municipal utilities

Energy providerMobile Field Report is a communication platform that helps you plan your integration and maintenance activities. Designed for the field service management it synchs your office with your field technicians, manages your objects and resources and lowers your costs. This document will show you how you can step by step automate you internal and external service processes.

Mobile Field Report and all data are stored in the cloud at Microsoft Azure. If you want to know more about Security. Your office can access the Portal through Your technicians can download our Mobile Field Report iPad App that is designed for the use in the field.



Why are processes important?

We have designed the software in the way that you can optimize your service process continuously. The prerequisite is that all employees are sticking to the process and follow the instructions. Establishing a process in a company and switching from paper to electronic takes time. Our experience has shown that regular induction periods take around 3 month.

Example 1: All your company documents are structured in folders on your hard drive. If the data is not stored according to the structure or will not be saved at all, the best folder structure will fail. And you will never again find your data.

Example 2: Driving a car is difficult to learn, because you have to concentrate on the road and on the gear at the same time. Once we are accustomed to switching it is part of our process (thinking) and we can even talk while driving. The same is true a process.

You see that the best software will fail without processes. Our product is designed to give you all measures to improve your service process continuously. The process chain of process improviement is: installing, measuring, evaluating and by improving.

Process improvement

Introducing Field Service Management in your company

The induction of Mobile Field Report is divided in four phases. Definitionphase, Inducationphase, Rollout and Optimizationphase. All four phases you need a Projektleader

Definition phase

During the definition phase the project leader determines the workflow in the company. This phase is very important, because it very effects the performance of all other phases. So take your time. Describe your company workflow on a sheet of paper (word) and try to find an answer to the following questions:


Which are the roles that are allowed to execute and edit a job? Typical roles are: Technician, Planner, Invoicing, Dunning and subcontractors, etc … . The right management allows you to create all roles and rights.

Job state
Take a minute and think about the internal workflow in your company. When do you create a job? When do you assign the job to a technician and when are all work done? The basic workflow Mobile Field Report supports is. You can extend this workflow with categories. States are:

  • Created (job was created)
  • For Planning( customer, service objects and the task are described for the job. The job is ready to get planned.)
  • Released (the job has been dispatched and is assigned to a technician)
  • In progress (the job is beeing processed by the technician at customer side) /li>
  • Work done ( the technician is done )
  • Closed ( all job related tasks are done)


Categories let you refine your service process. You have a taks like order material for this job or the job needs to be invoiced you can define them here. Categories always have a color and are available on the portal and on the mobile device.



Maintenance Module for service objects

Our maintenance module allows you to define many maintenance events for each service object (e.g. regular read heating, do maintenance, etc.) More over it allows you to manage your objects and provide them with technical information that is required for dispatching.

Job description in a checklists

Checklists let you assemble all actions that must be taken by the technicians to complete the maintenance of a particular device type. You can assemble up to 1000 Steps in a checklists and extend the description with meaningful pictures. Mobile Field Report distinguishes between different steps: Enter value steps, choice steps, group steps and photo steps.

Define your reports with HTML and Javascript

An essential part of field service management are reports and service protocols. All reports you currently are creating by hand can be generated automatically by Mobile Field Report. Reports are independent of checklists. The following reports are common in your branch: service reports, maintenance reports, integration protocol, damage reports and timesheets. Reports are created in the provided report designer on with javascripot and html or can be ordered as specified: Request a report

Induction phase without costs

Test the workflow you have designed with Mobile Field Report Free:

  1. First create a new Account . The online portal gives you a step by step induction for creating your first job.
  2. Download the Mobile Field Report App from the Apple Store and register with the credentials that we have send to you via e-mail.
  3. Define your checklists, reports and create your service object hierarchy. Define which dedicated technician and which planner will assist you during the induction phase. The technician will work at the beginning with the old and the new way.

The inducation phase gives you an impression on the new workflow and allows you to remove small mistakes and actions that can be automated.

Tip: Adapt your workflow document that you have created during the definition phase. You can hand this on to your employees to have all processes clearly described.

Report designer

Rollout your field service management system

Once you are done with the definition phase and the induction phase you can start to rollout the Mobile Field Report on the team. All technicians that are using the old workflow will have to switch to the electronic way. These are the possibilities for the rollout:

  1. Take one experienced technician to whom you explain your new workflow. Let him work with the old and the new way at the same time. He will give you valuable feedback about your new process. Adapte the workflow until both of you are fine with the procedure. Extend the workflow to the whole team.
  2. Participate on our regular Webinars

It is important that while you are doing the rollout 90% of the team should be on the job and the rollout shall not take longer than 1 week until everybody is working with the new system. The old workflow will be immediately replaced by the new one. The Rollout will take ca one month setting time. During this time it is important, that the project leader is checking every job, every report and every time event created by his team. Small are errors in the beginning are difficult to fix later on.

Tip: The Rollout-Phase is no optimization phase. Please don’t do any dramatic changes to your workflow while you rollout takes place and consider to concentrate on the predefined workflow. No workflow changes during this time

Optimization phase

You have used Mobile Field Report for more than three month? It is time contineously automate certain tasks that take to long. Our reporting module for energy provider and municipal utilities will provide you with evalutions in the form of excel sheets to open jobs, closed jobs, re-opened jobs and to the error rate.