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wordpress-security-lock-600x395Mobile Field report uses the latest and advanced technologies to grant the security of your data stored at our database. You allways access our web site using the standard security protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Both documents, contacts, and reports can be accessed only through this security protocol. Thus, we ensure that your data is fully protected against access by others, and one can only access his own data. Competitors will have no access to your data. users receive a unique user name with a password. This information must be entered by the user at every logon. When registering, a cookie is created that is stored in your browser. This guarantees the multiple access without retyping password. Neither username nor password is stored. Instead generates an unambiguous Session ID, which is stored during the whole operation in the cookie of your browser. If you clear your cookies in your browser, the ID is cleared and you have to register again.

Our software system is operating in the cloud and is hosted by Microsoft Azure. Microsoft asures:

  • that our server constantly operates on the latest software version and is thus protected from being accessed by hackers.
  • that concurrent database accesses during a business day have no impact on the speed of your page.
  • that a system backup is done on a weekly base and no data are lost